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School Governing Council Minutes September 15, 2016  Page 1 of 3
School Governing Council Minutes September 15, 2016 Page 1 of 3

School Governing Council Meeting Minutes From August 22, 2016


The regular meeting of the WL Swain Governing Council was called to order at 5pm on August 22, 2016 in the College and Career Academy by Jodi Sexton.


Dr. Elizabeth Anderson          Jenny Stephens

Jodi Sexton                             Paula Russell

Jonathan Parker

Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

New Business

Dr. Anderson reported that training would be at 6pm (directly following the Swain meeting). A Conflict of Interest statement was presented to the group and Dr. Anderson stated that each member of the WLSGC must sign a copy. Based on new regulations, 5 in-person meetings per year were scheduled: September 15, November 17, January 26th and March 16th. Five additional meetings will be conducted online during the months when there is no in-person meeting. A training plan will be discussed and voted on at the next in-person meeting. WLSGC roster and rotation schedule will be clarified at the next meeting based on new information disseminated at the District Training. Dr. Anderson described scheduled field trips for the upcoming school year. She also detailed new safety and security procedures including four new doors approved by the BOE. Progress is slowly being made towards the new playground/track, but significant funds are still needed.

Agenda for Next Meeting

Training Plan

WLSGC roster and rotation schedule


Meeting was adjourned at 5:45pm by Jodi Sexton. The next general meeting will be at 7am on September 15, 2016, in WL Swain Elementary School.

Minutes submitted by:  Jodi Sexton



School Governing Council Meeting Minutes From September 15, 2016


W. L. Swain Elementary School           Local School Governance Team

Title I Focus School                               September 15, 2016 @ 7:00 am

Dr. Jodi Sexton, Chair

In attendance India Bennett, Paula Russell, Jodi Sexton, Elizabeth Anderson, Jonathan Parker

I. Adoption of agenda-agenda adopted

II. Approval of minutes from August 22, 2016-minuted approved by team

III. Review Parent Involvement Budget Plan-approve

   a. $1,940.00 for Parent Involvement

   b. Looked at what we have spent for the past years

   c. Additional money ideas-Pre-K community event-barely had enough to fill the spots we had. Educate parents on what Pre-K is all about.

   d. Invite parents to learn about kindergarten and pre-k

   e. In February-get out in the community, send out post cards, etc...

   f. We need to reach the students.

   g. Material in Spanish

   h. Need a good Spanish speaker to work with us. Victoria Smith maybe??

   i. Identify siblings-teachers ask students

   j. Go to the Plainville Rec. and get the parents into the school. Maybe at the rec, they won't feel threatened.

IV. Principal report and recommendations

   a. Review School Improvement Plan

           i. Road map for where we are going

           ii. SWOT analysis-what are needs, what are we doing well, what do we need to focus on

           iii. 3 standards to work on-professional learning, assessments-develop good quality assessments, instruction

           iv. Moving kids

           v. Increase kids to the level 3-4

           vi. Increase achievement gap-went from a 1 to a 5.8-we did that in one-year time.

           vii. CCRPI-69

   b. Focus School status-the state is in flux-state doesn't know what this is going to look like. It's difficult for WLS-trying to hit a moving target

            i. Keep doing what we are doing-we are doing the right work

        1. Hiring of 2 more teachers to do push in with reading students

           a. Instead of buying a program, we need people

           b. Reading is the FOCUS

                i. Wendy Murphy-pushes in 3-5

                ii. Donna Carney-in K and 2 and one block of 3rd

                iii. Retha in 3-5 Math-she's been with us since last year

                iv. Not sure we will have them again this year

         2. Hiring of FLP reading teacher

           a. Putting her before board, and she will pull kids from Computer Lab to work with those that are really below grade level

  c. School Level Training Plan for 2016-2017

          i. Training each month

          ii. Is this required? Yes

          iii. Nice Framework-maybe let's stick to it

          iv. No Email Meetings, all need to be Face to Face

          v. 3rd Wednesday of every month

          vi. Plan out all meetings for the year. Dr. Sexton and Dr. Anderson will plan it out.

  d. Discuss Teacher Professional Learning for September

          i. Paula-learning targets-revisiting from last year, breaking down the standard, having the kids break it down

         ii. DOK levels

         iii. Collaboration Days-all of the teachers by grade level from all over the county, Lucy Calkins training, planning lessons and presenting the lessons, broken by subject and grade levels-10:30-3:30

iv. Most of the professional development is done during planning time and after school

v. Principal and specialist's walk-through in house and around the county.

vi. Swain is still rebuilding.

vii. Common in vocabulary throughout

viii. People wanting to know what we are doing at Swain.

  e. Develop 2 annual goals for the principal performance

i. Think about goals for the principal--

  f. Playground

1. Possible sponsor-PTO is passionate about helping get the playground-write a check, we could save 5%

2. Grant program-30-40% PROGRAM, he could float us till about December

3. He took the quote, and is rewriting under the grant option-two prices with PO price and with check price

4. We only have $15,000. We need approx. $50-70 thousand.

5. Very expensive-

6. Put on shout point, put the buzz in kids ears, work for the hummers.

7. Cost/PTO goal

8. Track around WLS-LSGT goal

9. Will the board help us? Sponsors???

10. Paula has GE connections.

 V. Announcements

a. Next meeting: November 17 @ 7:00 am

b. From the floor

VI. Adjourn


School Governing Council Meeting Minutes From November 17, 2016

 W. L. Swain Elementary School           Local School Governance Team

Title I Focus School                               November 17, 2016 @ 7:00 am

Dr. Jodi Sexton, Chair

  • I. Adoption of agenda
    • a. approved
  • II. Approval of minutes from September 15, 2016
  • III. Field trips:
    • a. 5th grade Godspell (week turn around)-impromptu
      • a. Good for kids to go and see what they can do when they get to GC. We will cheer on State winning One Act group on Friday.
    • b. November 29-5th Booth Museum
      • a. World War I and II brings the kids into the era
  • IV. Principal report and recommendations
    • a. School Level Training November: Title I and Parent Involvement
      • i. Get money from government
      • ii. Always ask parents
      • iii. Parent Involvement-math survival guides, post cards at beginning of the year, communication folders
      • iv. Parents need the step by step guide
      • v. Maybe think about a ELA Survival Guide
      • vi. Ideas to get parents involved-Fair Booth?
      • vii. Pre-K and Kindergarten enroll numbers-we didn't fill our Pre-K so we had to pull kids from Tolbert
        • 1. Kids are getting the school experience before kindergarten (2/3 who have not attended Pre-K).
        • 2. Pre-K Video made by Bryan Hall
        • 3. While didn't you go to Pre-K (survey for Kindergarten parents on why they didn't go to pre-k).
        • 4. Day in the Life of????
        • 5. Maybe survey all parents in the school.
    • c. Community input on 2016-2017 calendar
      • a. Give input-Dr. Anderson sent out to committee
    • d. Discuss Teacher Professional Learning for November, December, and January
    • e. 12 week benchmarks-in the pack or leading the pack
      • a. Hate being judged by a number. First year with Anderson, our CCRPI number is going up. It's more than numbers. We are on the right path.
      • b. Solid good instruction for 3 years, their path is set
      • c. Parents are starting to hear the good news in the community.
      • d. Preliminary 36.4 out 40 points in progress
      • e. Always do Extended Design Day to look at data and where we are going
      • f. Extended Design Days-what and why?
        • a. Students get time to have a half day of specials and make ornaments (art)
        • b. Teachers are working on small groups, rigorous lessons
        • c. Cindy Nadeau is doing Art with kids on Friday's
        • d. December and January not much going on
      • g. Playground-ordered the playground, PTO and fundraising we have done over the years. We are still taking more money.
  • V. PTO update
    • a. Fundraiser-amount raised--$14,000 towards playground from PTO
      • a. Discussed other ideas of fundraising
    • b. Cookie pickup-just a few left to pick-u
      • a. Very smooth pick-up
    • c. Future projects-game night in January (Uno, Monopoly, etc), February Art Auction, dunk booth
    • d. Bike Award drawing today and Elsa Castle
    • e. Hummer Limo Drive
  • VI. Announcements
    • a. Next meeting: January 26 @ 7:00 am
    • b. From the floor
  • VII. Adjourn


 School Governing Council Meeting Minutes From December 14, 2016

WL Swain Elementary School  Local School Governance Team

Title 1 Focus School  December 14, 2016 @ 7:00 am

1.  Adoption of agenda

2. Approval of minutes from last meeting

3. Field Trips

a. 2nd grade to College and Career on December 15-Science-all set up thanks to Amy Parker

b. 3rd-5th going to GEM January 18th to see Cinderella.  This was opened up to all schools, and the schools could decide who to send.  Swain decided on 3-5.  

4. Principal Report

a. School level training November-CCRPI


b. Our score is a 70-we are right there in the pack and no longer at the bottom in Gordon County.  

i. picture

c. Professional learning on January 4th will be differentiated for teachers just like we do for our students.  

d. Playground being installed over Christmas.  It will be ready for the kids when they return. 

e. Capital Outlay request from LSGT

i. picture

f. PTO update-table till January 18th meeting (ASK ABOUT UPCOMING DATES)

g. Resignation of Carol Converse-mention Joni Harbin and the Crystal Purser

h. Announcements

i. Next meeting January 18th 7:00am

i. Adjorned


  School Governing Council Meeting Minutes From January 18, 2016

W. L. Swain Elementary School           Local School Governance Team

Title I Focus School                              January 18, 2017 Minutes

Dr. Jodi Sexton, Chair

Present:  Dr. Elizabeth Anderson, India Bennett, Paula Russell, and Jonathan Parker.

I. Call to order by Elizabeth Anderson (in Dr. Sexton's absence).

II. Adoption of agenda: Motion to approve as presented by Paula Russell; Second by Jonathan Parker; all in favor

III. Approval of minutes from December 2016: Motion to approve as presented by Paula Russell; Second by Jonathan Parker; all in favor

IV. Field trips

a. kindergarten is planning trip and we try not to have spring trips

b. 3-5 is going to GEM

V. PRINCIPAL REPORT- time to make financial decisions

a. Parent involvement budget- we have to specify in school improvement plan-Example- communication folders

b. Trying to spend SIG money for math items

1. We got final approval

2. Really focused on reading last year

3. This year we are focusing on math next year. A lot of good items coming our way.

c. Kindergarten camp with current pre-k and any child who enroll in kindergarten. It's hard to try to get our parents in here and to bring the kids in here. Getting pre-k from Tolbert. Still trying to determine why parents aren't sending kids to pre-k. Natural decline in enrollment. Pre-K palooza.

d. Maybe set up booth at Fourth of July celebration but needs to be county event

e. Capital outlay-new chairs in 5 classrooms. We got new chairs this year for some classrooms this year. These 5 classrooms are in most need. We are 5th on list for renovations

f. Calendar survey-everyone completed survey. Too many choices to change. After we gave our input, they would take the top three to send out to staff

g. Letters of intent-trying to find out who is sticking with us...most are staying with us. Teachers follow students may have to do some moving around

VI. Game night-

a. Board games and snacks.


c. Spring Fling-May 12-inflatables and fireworks

d. Dunking booth & maybe pie in the face-raising money for our school, popcorn, snow cones

e. Parking for fire works in July-easy way to raise money

VII. Carl Converse needs to be replaced-want someone vested in WLS


IX. Adjourned