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American Revolution
1. American Revolution

2. American Revolution

3. American Revolution

4. American Revolution

5. American Revolution

Boston Massacre

2 Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party

Continental Congress

Paul Revere ( Level O/P)

Paul Revere (Level Q/R)

American Revolution -DK

Westward Expansion
Battle of Little Bighorn (S/T)

Trail of Tears (T)

Oregon Trail (R/S)

Alamo ( T/U)

Alamo (U/V) 2

Alamo ( W) 3

Alamo ( R/S) 4

Louisiana Purchase (S/T)

Causes of Westward Expansion ( R)

Causes of Westward Expansion ( R)

Lewis and Clark (O/P)

Life on the Frontier

Sacagawea (O/P)

Gold Rush ( R)

Westward Expansion -Video

Make sure you use the video as a resource.  Take notes on the video.  Think about the main idea and supporting details.

Lewis and Clark Video

Make sure you take notes on the video.  This about the main idea and the supporting details.  Take notes in your own words.

Pioneer Life (Video)

Remeber to take notes on your videos just like any other text.  This about how the video is structured and then use the strucutre to createa  grpahic organizer for notes.

War of 1812

War of 1812 (2)

Researching History

American History

World War 1 Video

World War 1 Facts

World War II Facts

American Civil War

Civil Rights Movement

World War I Facts (2)

American West

Civil War