School Supply List!
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Monday, July 04, 2016
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School Supply List!

Pre-Kindergarten Supply List:

2 bath towels    

Full size book bag-no rolling book bags 

Donations Appreciated: Glue sticks, Play Doh, Clorox wipes, baby wipes, Ziploc bags ( any size), hand sanitizer, paper plates (any size),  Kleenex tissue & Lysol spray.


Kindergarten Supply List:

2 box 24 count crayons

1 box Crayola washable markers   

1 dozen wooden #2 pencils               

1 book bag – no rolling bags  

2 K-2 Primary journals

1 pkg 3x5 index cards

1 pk EXPO dry erase markers , black 

BOYS only: Clorox wipes, zip loc bags (sandwich or gallon)

GIRLS only: 2 boxes of Kleenex tissues, hand sanitizer, construction paper

Donations Appreciated: Page protectors, paper plates, baby wipes, Lysol spray, card stock, copy paper, and paper towels


1st  Grade Supply List: 

2 pks EXPO dry erase markers                

2 packs of glue sticks 

1 box 24 count crayons                 

1 small pencil box                 

1 pk large pink erasers                              

1 pair scissors

1 pkg -#2 yellow wood pencils (prefer Ticonderoga #2)  

1 pk wide rule notebook paper         

1 book bag – no rolling bags     

1 pack post it notes (student use)                            

1 plastic folder (orange)-folder with prongs and pockets

4- 70 sheet ruled black & white composition notebooks

Donations Appreciated: Page protectors, Clorox wipes, Ziploc bags, hand sanitizer,  Kleenex tissues, card stock, copy paper.


2nd Grade Supply List:

1 pair of scissors (prefer Fiskars blunt)                 

1 plastic pencil box                                                  

Clorox wipes

1 pack of 3 ring clear sheet protector                  

4 pack cap erasers

1 box of 24 count crayons                                

2 glue sticks

4 pks loose leaf wide rule paper                           

1 bottle Elmer’s glue

1 book bag – no rolling bags                                

3 pk Expo markers (black)

2 pack post it notes (student use)                        

1 box tissue

1 pack washable markers

2 dozen-#2 yellow wood pencils (prefer Ticonderoga #2)     

2 composition notebooks (speckled colors-no designs) 4 prong folders with pockets (red, blue, green, yellow)

Donations Appreciated

BOYS only: quart size Ziploc bags and 1 bottle hand sanitizer 

GIRLS only: gallon size Ziploc bags and a pack of red pens


3rd  Grade Supply List:

6 pks #2 wooden pencils (sharpened)-no mechanical pencils        

3 composition notebooks  

1 pk colored pencils

1 box of 24 count crayons                                 

2 pk 100 index cards

1 pair scissors (e.g., Fiskars)                              

2 packs of highlighters

1 3 ring pencil pouch  (no boxes)                     

2 glue sticks

2  1” 3 ring binders (no Trapper Keepers)       

1 bottle of glue

1 book bag ( no rolling book bags)

4 packs wide ruled (not college) notebook paper 

1 package of 4 large Expo dry erase markers

1 pack of 6 dividers with pockets

1 glove or sock for dry eraser

Donations Appreciated: Ziploc bags (any size), Clorox wipes, Kleenex tissue, Hand sanitizer, paper towels, and post it notes (student use)


4th Grade Supply List:

4 pks wide ruled loose notebook paper     

1 pack of cap erasers

2 pk Expo dry erase markers            

1 pair FISKAR safety scissors

2 highlighters                                            

2-2 pocket folders

2 packs of divider tabs (10 dividers)            

2– 1 inch 3 ring binders               

4 composition notebooks, no spirals          

1 book bag – no rolling bags

1 box 24 count crayons  OR 1 box of colored pencils OR 1 box of markers

2– 24 count pkg #2 yellow wooden pencils  (sharpened)

1– 3ring hole punched pencil pouch (no boxes)

1 zipped close binder like a trapper keeper

Donations Appreciated:       

Girls: Hand sanitizer, gallon sized Ziploc bags, Kleenex tissues, index cards, 4 count pack of glue sticks

Boys: 1 can Clorox wipes, sandwich sized Ziploc bags, Kleenex tissues, Lysol disinfectant


5th Grade Supply List:

4 composition notebooks-no spirals            

1 pks divider tabs (5 tabs)

1-1 inch 3 ring binders                             

1 pack of blue or black pens       

6 pks wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper       

4 pkg -#2 yellow wood pencils (prefer Ticonderoga #2) 

1 pack of highlighters                                      

2 packs of cap erasers  

1 pocket folder-no prongs                             

1 pair scissors

2 PLASTIC pocket folders with PRONGS      

1 pack Expo markers

1 zippered pencil pouch-no boxes               

1 box markers

1 box  colored pencils                                    

1 pk 3x5 index cards

8 glue sticks                                                      

1 pack of post it notes

Donations Appreciated: Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, Ziploc bags (boys-gallon, girls-quart) & copy paper.


Some items will be stored in the classroom and used by the students as a community of learners in all grade levels.

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